Monday, October 25, 2010

Member : Terms & Conditions

Q : What are the benefits if I signing up as a Dress City's member?
A : You will enjoy;
  1. RM5 reward voucher will be given when you apply.
  2. 5% discount on every purchase.
  3. RM10 birthday voucher. ( One month validity on your Birthday month)
  4. 5% point rebate on total purchases (excluding postage) in 6 month.
  5. Point Rebate Voucher will be given twice a year, June and December. (Validity 6 month)

Q : How to be a member?
A : Please email to us, email :
your following details with subject : Member
  1. name
  2. identification card no
  3. address
  4. hp
  5. reference no of transaction fee/date/time (IMPORTANT ) **attach your transaction slip**
Q : Do I need to pay to Dress City upon signing up?
A : Yes dear, you have to make a payment RM10 to;

CIMB: 04060071040528 (intan ismida)
MAYBANK : 157111934057 (intan ismida)

Q : How can I get the card or anything?
A : After we have received your email and prove of the transaction,
we will email your member's no directly to you dear and Rm5 reward voucher.

Q : Is there any expired date for Rm5 reward voucher
A : No dear, there is no validity of Rm5 reward voucher.

Q : Can I use Rm5 reward voucher again & again?
A : Sorry dear, Rm5 reward voucher is applicable for one purchase only.

Q : If I lost my member's no, what I am supposed to do?
A : On your purchase to us, Please write your IC no, we can automatically check it for you =)

Q : If , there is any promotion on this Online Shop, can I still enjoy my 5% member's discount?
A : Yes dear, you will get another 5% discount on every promo item unless is stated nett item dear =)

Q : What is Nett Item?
A : Nett : remaining after all deductions (**Fixed Price)

Q : If i have any problem, what should I do?
A : You can email to

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